Jan. 7th, 2013

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Dispatches From Birtherstan - 5-7 January 2013

In today's dispatches, Martha Trowbridge gives Sharon Rondeau a "I love you THIS much" award. Lawrence Sellin stirs from his home in Helsinki to call for a civil war in the United States. At least Larry Klayman still lives in the country he's calling for a revolt in. Meanwhile, the courts in Florida tell Klayman "no, you can't have rehearing, not yours.".

Dr. Orly manages to get proof that she did service the day AFTER her court appearance. Meanwhile, she goes off on a jihad against the US attorney's office by trying to prove he's not really representing anybody. That way she'll get a rehearing. And a pony. Something like that.

Dr. Conspiracy has a phone call with Dr. Orly. Both sides tell their version of the call. Of the two, I'd dare say Dr. Conspiracy's version is far closer to reality. More and more birthers jump on the "please oh please oh please save us John Roberts" bandwagon.

The Surprise! (AZ) Tea Party gets their very own boy defective. Dr. Orly gets a post-trial press conference video that suffers from the side effect of having an idiot for a videographer. Helen Tansey whines that all those nasty "Obots" are being MEAN to the birthers, a plight in which my heart bleeds purple peanut butter for her. And Dr. Orly gets a mad over the court reporter not bending over and going "yes ma'am" to her demands.


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