Feb. 18th, 2013

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Dispatches From Birtherstan - 14-18 February 2013

In today's dispatches, more proof that the bloom is long off the PUMA rose. Video of Dr. Orly's Supreme Court protest, with a handful of people. Minus a few fingers. Even George Miller is tired of Carl Gallup's tall tales, while Gallups seems to be trying to see just how foul he can get. The GOP may find birtherism the gift that keeps on giving, much like a STD.

More birthers are less than impressed by Gallups. Rudy's cat makes a reappearance. Many of the birthers have turned Dr. Orly's request for conference at the Supreme Court to the Trial of the Century that will result in that uppity darkie getting frog-marched to the nearest hanging tree Any Day Now. Being birthers, you would think they would be used to disappointment.

Coherent, well-written emails from Walter Fitzpatrick. Well, so to speakā€¦.

More Dr. Orly-approved sedition and treason. Alan Keyes is a bit bitter. Larry Klayman is worried that he may not get his civil war. Dr. Orly may be getting things ready to explain away her upcoming Supreme Court loss (hint, it's all the fault those uppity drakes and other questionable types working for the Supreme Court.) Sharon Rondeau shows a level of hypocritical stupidity that's extra special even for a birther. Disbarred attorney Montgomery Sibley has gone to playing judicial terrorist. And Linda Jordan comes up with an amazingly stupid idea AND a new conspiracy, all in one.


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