Feb. 20th, 2013

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Dispatches From Birtherstan - 19-20 February 2013

In today's dispatches, a motion to dismiss in Dr. Orly's Grinols v Everyone+Dog lawsuit. And it looks like the US attorneys office may have just done their homework, as the arguments are a condensed history of birther fail. The Supreme Court releases their decisions, and much to the surprise of nobody in the reality-based community, neither Dr. Orly or Montgomery Sibley got the ponies they wanted.

The failure to be given ponies, curiously enough, cause both Dr. Orly and Montgomery Sibley to release vast amounts of horses hit upon the world at large.

The comments section at Birther Report are their usual frothy mix of hatred, sedition, death threats, and racism as a result of the Supreme Court's decisions, while Dr. Orly tries to blame the decision on those dusky types she saw working for the Supreme Court as clerks. Dr. Orly gets another fail, as the court in Mississippi tells her no default for you! Yes, once again Dr. Orly proves to the world that the last time she got service right was with CEL3.

But wait, the fun continues as Dr. Orly tries to bring her bat guano crazy tripe to the international stage, begging the world to come rescue her from the scary black man. A birther tea party group wants to protect the winner of a legitimate election, causing a mass blowout in national irony meters. Rudy enlists the help of his cat. And Montgomery Sibley demands Congress call him, soon, please?


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