Feb. 25th, 2013

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Dispatches From Birtherstan - 21-25 February 2013

In today's dispatches, we have James Manning's vacation plans. We may have a new birther media star. Dr. Orly fails to learn from her mistakes. Or anything else. Rudy loves loves LOVES him a video of white women protesting "white genocide".

More about the "how DARE anyone speak ill of Saint Arpaio, blessed is his holy name!" crowd. The State of Washington tells the court exactly why and how Linda Jordan raked up almost $13,000 in costs. More racism, paranoia, conspiracy goodness, and calls for revolt from Birther Report. Convicted felon Lucas Smith takes to harassing debunkers. Some gun fetish types warn of an army of dusky hue.

A female conspiracy nut tells Rudy Davis off, and Rudy gets his klan robes in a knot as a result. We have a new conspiracy involving "fake marines", "fake guns" and I suspect a large quality of "real crystal meth". Professional seditionist Sharon Rondeau is upset that the FBI hasn't gotten rid of the scary black guy yet.

Dr. Orly wants foreign help in her jihad against the President.. We have the 2013 birther bill, with no changes in body design or style from the 2011 or 2012 models. What we do have is a lot of birther HATE for said bill though. Dr. Orly is outraged that the Oscars included a scary black woman, while filing in Mississippi another Vogon Legal Brief. And last but not least, a call for a mass citizens arrest of the entire US government. Have fun storming the castle kids.


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