Mar. 18th, 2013

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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 16-18 March 2013

In today's dispatches, the fun from CPAC continues. With Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups saying they have wonderful news that's super secret and they can't tell anyone yet, sorry.

I know, it's pretty much the same as everything else they say.

But we also have Dr. Orly hob-mobbing with a whole batch of washed-up former politicians, not to mention deciding that she must, must, MUST crash a panel with fellow birther and anti-Islamic bigot Pamela Geller. Hilarity follows. Half-term governor Sarah Palin gives a tip of the hat to the birthers, the birthers wet their pants in response. Joel Pollak at Breitbart gets bent out of shape over being called a birther. More about the racist anti-racism panel at CPAC.

In other news, Dr. Orly gets told "No" by the House of Representatives AND the court. My Taitz fanboi shows with with a new name, new location, same lies. Birther Report goes "old news is FUN!", while complaining at those on the right who aren't QUITE crazy enough to be birthers. Douglas Vogt comes up with new claims that are right up there with his pyramid power and dead sea scroll claims. Dr. Orly goes "old news is FUN!"

Dean Haskins and Marco Ciavolino want your birther bucks to film their planned "Terry Lakin - A Love Story" project. And last but not least, we finally find out what the point was behind Walter Fitzpatrick's "Lane Hudson" calls to various debunkers. Yes, Sharon Rondeau was involved, and yes, the end result is as pathetic as one may think.


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