Apr. 1st, 2013

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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 26 March-1 April 2013

Ah springtime in Birtherstan. The wind down from the Berg Steppes, blowing the fetid scent of the lie factories and the fields of freshly planted racism. The view of the murky green waters of Lake Delusion, at the foot of snowcapped Bandini Mountain. And all around the screeching, inane chatter of the hopeless inbred citizens of the Glorious Patriotic Republic of Birtherstan.

Why in comparison to the regard for freedom of speech and love of country in Birtherstan, North Korea is a Libertarian paradise.

Anyway, in today's dispatches, Carl Gallups has a mad at Alan West, while making moon eyes and batting his eyelashes seductively at Mike Zullo. Video of Dr. Orly at CPAC, in all her ranting uniboobed glory. However, trouble awaits, due to Dr.. Orly having to swat down Linda Joy Adams for the crime of being too crazy for Dr. Orly.

World Nut Daily is excited over the idea that World Nut Daily columnist Larry Klayman gets to argue a birther case before World Nut Daily columnist Roy Moore. Which causes Dr. Orly to go "Screech! Look at me!! Screech!!" Meanwhile Dr. Orly wants her tens of followers to recall those who refuse to do the Birther Queen's bidding.

We have a three part Pest and eFail interview with Douglas Vogt which is chock-full of a quaint concept called "lying". Another salvo in the birtherstan civil war. And more steaming piles of taitz dropped off on the courts.


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