Apr. 17th, 2013

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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 13-17 April 2013

In today's dispatches, Linda Joy Adams is rejected by the birthers. Lots of "any day nowise" from the various birtherstani. Professional seditionist Sharon Rondeau allows Carl Gallups to commit acts of verbal diarrhea. Geir Smith professes his undying loyalty to Linda Joy Adams, and to the delusion for which she stands. One fruit-bat, incorrigible, with gibbering inanity for all.

Christopher-Earl:Strunk (™, ®, all rights reserved) has a serious mad at the judge who dismissed his case. Linda Joy Adams is upset at the birthers for not rolling over on their backs and wigging all four limbs in the air over her claims. Tracy Fair tries to appeal her Birther Ballot Jihad case in Maryland.

Dr. Orly dabbles in the whole "Satanic Panic" conspiracy land. With sources even less credible than her usual.

Some idiot bombs the Boston Marathon. My thoughts go out to the victims. My contempt goes out to the cowards responsible. My scorn goes out to the conspiracy idiots.

Dr. Orly gets a few more retired military officers to help her violate the judge's orders. Viscount Monckton shows a level of delusion only matched by his unspeakably thin skin. Dr. Orly goes into Lake Paranoia. The idiots at Birther Report are just waiting for some Great White Hope to come lead them in some un-american coup against the President. And Mark Gillar tries to out-fluff Carl Gallups.


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