May. 10th, 2013

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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 7-10 May 2013

Honestly, I feel like I'm watching the implosion of birtherstan. Dr. Orly seems to be reduced to printing the far-right smear of the day, along with any other conspiracy theory out there. Birther Report isn't any different. Others are trying to staple gun birtherism to the coattails of the Benghazi conspiracy nuts, the Boston Marathon / Sandy Hook truthers, or any other smear they can.

It's like watching a washed up old whore in a broken down bar still trying to turn tricks and convince people they're still attractive, still fresh, young desirable, even while they go on their arthritic knees for the next cheap john. It would be pathetic, if it wasn't karma in action.

Anyway, in today's dispatches, Dr. Orly demands a military coup, threatens Senators, and repeats claims from wackadoodles with absolutely nothing to back it up, I know, sounds normal for her, but it's actually rather worse than usual. Or at least more overt.

Speaking of washed up old whores, Carl Gallups is still desperately trying to make the Maricopa CCCP seem like they're doing something other than asking for donations. Padawan Paul Guthrie hears back from the latest judge, and the answer I'm sure fueled his vendetta against anyone with two X chromosomes.

And we have a completely unsupported claim in a far right blog regarding a missionary claiming that Kenyans are confirming President Obama's supposed birth there. Mind you, there's (not surprisingly), not a single piece of evidence to support this claim.


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