Jun. 21st, 2013

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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 18-21 June 2013

In today's dispatches, we have flailing around desperately trying to find something to use. The Western Center for "Journalism" mashes a non-birther story with a birther video. A tasteless "hello, we're the Secret Service and we'd like to talk to you" video. Which reminds me, Robert Laity whines that the Secret Service didn't much care for his continued calls for President Obama's execution after an illegal military trial.

Imagine that.

Carl Gallups thinks VERY highly of himself. Continued fallout from Rep. Jeff Duncan's trip to Birtherstan, while one of Dr. Orly's courtroom props quits the New Hampshire state house. President Obama gives a speech in Germany, and certain of the birtherstani get their collective panties in a knot.

Some new conspiracy theories from the Tea Party, courtesy of their collective asses. Which may be the same place Dr. Orly's newest theory comes from. James Manning does a full-on screech that ranks a solid 4.7 on the taitz scale. Whereas Rudy Davis tries to redefine racists calling for the execution of the President and violent anti-Constitutional overthrow of the government as "real Americans".

The State of Pennsylvania shows that, unlike the State of California, they have a working working attorney discipline system, to the determent of the grandfather of the birther movement.

And Dr. Kate manages to insure no Native American tribe will ever hire her again.


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