Jul. 9th, 2015

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Dispatches from Birtherstan - April-June 2015 update

In today's dispatches.....oh hell. Let's say it out loud shall we?? The birthers have gotten about as boring as watching feces dry on a mental hospital wall. There's almost nothing new at all. The same incoherent idiots are still trying to flog a horse that has long since gone to the glue factory. What you have now are the mentally ill, the stupidly racist, and the dead-enders trying desperately to pretend they didn't waste coming on 8 years of their lives pandering to some fruit bat conspiracy.

Anyway, we have bottle redhead Devvy Kidd showing her usual lack of anything like reality in her writings. I get death threats and incoherent ranting from Park McGraw (which is really pretty normal for him). Philip Berg accepts disbarment as a form of legal retirement and is now pimping his new book, which should be entitled "How I farted away my legal carreer and any remaining credibility on a conspiracy theory"

Charles Kerchner thinks one person oozing up to the birthers is an entire family. Stephen Pidgeon tries to reclaim his salad days as a failed paranoid birther attorney. Everest Wilhelmsen has.....issues. Dr, Orly makes a half-hearted "please take me seriously video, before going off and showing everyone what a hate filled, lying, seditionist, treasonous, waste of humanity she really is. Such is the life of a washed up aging attention whore I guess.

James Manning loves him some Donald Trump. Joe Arpaio takes to World Nut Daily to denote how much he hates dark skinned people, the law, or the facts. John Dummett once against acts like a DumMAY. And "Donna" from the Pest and eFail shows up under a new name at Stormfront Lite, but the insanity is still the same.


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