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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 15-17 June 2013

In today's dispatches….

Oh hell. It's the continued meltdown of birtherstan, with the big news being the state of all-out warfare between Carl Gallups (and his partisans) and Dr. Orly Taitz (and her partisans).

This is actually funny. In the last five years, we've seen various people being the current top turd on the Birther Bandini Mountain. Philip Berg, Andy Martin, the Fantasy Tiddlywinks League, etc. Though all of this, we've seen Dr. Orly become the Nitrous Queen, ruler of all birtherstan. And her craving, her need for attention has caused her to ride rough-shod all over the other birthers.

Now karma seems to be finally in play, since it's looking more and more like she's losing the power, the awe, the attention that she's seen as her rightful due from the birthers. And without that, her current trend of squawking whatever far-right crank claim or conspiracy theory out there simply marks her as simply another wing nut in a sea of crazy.

We also have Larry Klayman trying to get people to pay attention to him. Sharon Rondeau whining that her fellow loons are swiping her poorly-written articles. George Miller shows some racism. We have another Republican playing flirty games with the birthers. And Dr. Orly has no problems with her followers posting racist diatribes and death threats all over her blog.


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