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Dispatches from Birtherstan - August-October 2014 update



Three months for a passible update?? It's almost like your movement has gone and died, and the only flies over over the rotting carcass is the true believers trying to get some form of attention.

Dr. Orly has joined Philip Berg in the list of former birther attention whore attorneys who have been left in the dust. Her blog is a rambling disjointed morass of attempts to try and propel herself back in the limelight, to get someone to pay attention to her again. The monkeys at Gerbil Report are too busy flinging poo at each other and making up homoerotic fantasies about various debunkers to really care much what is posted. Professional Seditionist Sharon Rondeau is reduced to writing about her jailhouse lover Walter Fitzpatrick. Most of the trolls have gone elsewhere,

About the only part of Birtherstan that still seems to be making some sort of go with it is the current attention whore attorney being Larry Klayman. Boy Defective Mike Zullo is still parroting "any day now" claims with and to his special friend Carl Gallups.

Matter of fact, the only ones still making a go at Birtherism are the ones that all have connections to World Nut Daily, Joseph Farah, and the Western Center for "Journalism". Hmm......It couldn't be that they're trying to milk the last bit of that sweet, sweet money from the birther cashcow, is it??

So what do I have to update with?? Nancy Ruth Owens is a disgusting batshit insane racist. Larry Klayman is a disgusting batshit insane racist attention whore. Walter Fitzpatrick gets three years in prison. Ed Noonan has decided to become his own court system. Some GOP types still make the occasional trip to Birtherstan. Tribble Mobility Scooter Donald Trump and his undead scalp ferret are still trying to get attention. Padawan Pauly exports his crazy to the other side of the pond. More future Secret Service visits. And increasing Birtherstani disappointment with the ones they thought would be their elected Great White Hopes. Not to mention that it looks like the whole Maricopa County CCP thing may have been actual "Pay to Play".

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I'm surprised they're still out there thrashing around. Ah well, heya Pat! :)


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