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And in today's dispatches, Park McGraw continues his downward slide into sexist, bigoted, death-filled madness. James Manning really, really, really shows signs he's rather far in a particular type of vertical clothes storage unit. More Sandy Hook scum. Dr. Orly and Carl Gallups may have had a tiff.

Professional Seditionist Sharon Rondeau gets cranky over President Obama speaking truth at the National Prayer Breakfast. The Huffington Post notes similarity between the birthers and classic racism. Road Flare Tracy gets annoyed. Robert Laity has some more verbal diarrhea.

Birther weather control as they fall down the conspiracy rabbit hole. Roy Moore gets called out for his Neo-Confederate ties. Alan Jones comes up with a whole conspiracy frittata. The tribble mobility scooter speaks. Terry Lakin is starting to....shall we say "embellish" his past history. Philip Berg is still trying to get his hands on those sweet, sweet birther bucks.

The pornstache tries to scare his readers. President Obama pokes fun at birthers, birthers lose their marbles. Former Sen. Santorum has an encounter with the frothy mixture of birtherism. And Sen. Ted Cruz runs for the position his father anointed him for, and the birthers in what should be his base rebel against him

It is so good to see you back...

Date: 2015-04-01 12:02 am (UTC)
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It is so good to see you back. I was beginning to worry how I was going to even try to make sense of things with 2016 on the horizon.


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