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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 6-10 June 2013

In today's dispatches, we're seeing to continued breakdown of Birtherstan. Disbarred attorney Montgomery SIbley is told - no surprise - "no". His response is "oh please save us Mitt Romney!" Birtherism isn't the only delusion Carl Gallups has. Judge Lamberth tells Dr. Orly no AND warns her.

Larry Klayman manages to combine "worthless piece of crap" and "lying sack of crap" in one package. A satire site comes up with a story, the birthers fall for it. Again. Dr. Orly engages in a whine that all the birthers aren't paying attention to her. The Surprise! (AZ) Tea Party has an all-star birtherpoolza.

Mike Zullo is all over the internet radio stations with a whole batch of disjointed lies. Birther Report fails English 101. And Mark Kessler manages to become the crazy of the crazy in Birtherstan.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 4-5 June 2013

In today's dispatches, World Nut Daily cribs off of Carl Gallups. Dr. Orly gets all threaty with Zullo and Arpaio. Birther radio host Peter Boyles is now on WSOL. Statistics?? Dr. Orly cares about as much for those as she does truth and reality.

Larry Klayman's Alabama Birther Ballot jihad case gets a really crazy curiae. Do we have Fantasy Tiddlywinks League v2.0?? Walter Fitzpatrick whines about the FBI. Dr. Orly really is pissed off at the Zullo/Arpaio dog and pony show. We have a new racist YouTuber, Rudy Davis responds with "challenge accepted"

Dr. Orly gets acquainted with her inner kapo. Squeeky's back!!! Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo attack Dr. Orly while completely getting things wrong. Not to mention Gallups showing the world what a racist road apple he is.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 30 May-3 June 2013

In today's dispatches, I finally tackle Padawan Paul Guthrie's response to the courts. There's enough bovine manure to fertilize a whole crop of crazy in it. Larry Klayman's fake grand jury comes up with an equally fake indictment.

But the rest of it is pretty much the ever growing insanity of the birther civil war, with Mike Zullo's dog and pony show and Dr. Orly's ever-increasing screeching over the fact that the birtherstani aren't paying attention to her.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 25-29 May 2013

In today's dispatches, things are busy and I got behind. I've seen Padawan Paul Guthries latest and I'm wading though the crazy. I have some more that I need to take the time to write up, but it's been a zoo this week.

Anyway, it's a Dr. Orly-heavy once, since she's on a major manic phase and is furious that Zullo and friends are getting the attention she sees as her rightful due.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 23-24 May 2013

In today's dispatches (sorry for the day delay), many of the birtherstani seem convinced that Boy Defective Mike Zullo is about to drop some news that will start the frogmarching from the White House. Though it seems it's more going to be a talk in front of a Tea Party group. Prom pictures of a young Barack Obama, Jr. are released. Birthers fall into Lake Conspiracy as a result. Judge England gives the final "no" to Grinols v Electoral College, and much screeching did result.

Strunk is told "no" as well. Some birthers are gaga over Zullo, others are whining. Keith Judd sets out with his own birther case. Carl Gallups services proven liar Joel Gilbert on the air. Joe Arpaio is told "no". And Dr. Orly implies that Joe Arpaio's services are for sale….
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Dispatches from Birtherstan -18-22 May 2013

In today's dispatches…..oh hell. The only real thing of note is that the Birtherstani Civil Wars have erupted again, pitting Lord High Executioner Mike Zullo and his supporters against The Nitrous Queen herself, in a cage battle to determine who's the biggest attention whore.

Also, Brian Reilly claims that the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office was bankrolling the Maricopa CCCP, though not nearly to the level that Brian Reilly wanted them to. Your taxpayer dollars at work. Gabe Zolna rehashes his creepy bondage and snuff fetish. Lame Cherry is creepier than usual. Jay Carney makes a birther joke, the birthers get annoyed. Dr. Orly thinks she can get a press pass for the White House sometime this century.

We have a new loon in Birtherstan. And Dr. Orly gets all threatening and demanding. Again.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan -16-17 May 2013

In today's dispatches, not much except more of the continuing sputter of the birthers leaking balloon. George Miller fluffs up the Vermont Birther Ballot Jihad case and whines that the rest of the birtherstani faithful need to be patient in Alabama. Oh, and he's upset that Glenn Beck doesn't live in Birtherstan.

Meanwhile it looks like Dr. Orly got a warning in her Indiana case, while showing a mix of lazy and paranoia. And Boy Defective Mike Zullo takes a break from his usual friday fluffing with Carl Gallups to have professional seditionist Sharon Rondeau help him prove to the world just how unprofessional the Maricopa CCCP "investigation" really is.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan -11-15 May 2013

In today's dispatches, the continuing meltdown of birtherstan continues. Besides the ongoing belief that Roy Moore will be the birtherstani's latest Great White Hope, you have them madly flailing around trying to find something, anything to attach to.

James Manning exhibits sub-par scholarship, while Cody Judy waxed nostalgic about the heady days of Manning's pretend "trial". Deadbeat dad Larry Klayman's Alabama Birther Ballot Jihad case has become a magnet of suck, with not only Klayman himself, but special guest stars Lucas Smith and Boy Defective Mike Zullo.

Dr. Orly harasses the media and pretty much anyone else to make sure the attention is all about the Nitrous Queen herself, in all her fading glory. We have an echo of the secret cRAP masters. Professional seditionist Sharon Rondeau finds someone even crazier than Lame Cherry to attach herself to.

Christopher Srunk files an absolute impressive amount of pure medical-grade crazy. The Huffington Post makes Dr. Orly closed-captioned for the insanity-impared. And Rudy Davis is quite impressively insane, not only spewing forth a stream of homophobia that makes me suspect some issues in Rudy's closet, but calling for President Obama's execution "just like Ol' Yeller".
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 7-10 May 2013

Honestly, I feel like I'm watching the implosion of birtherstan. Dr. Orly seems to be reduced to printing the far-right smear of the day, along with any other conspiracy theory out there. Birther Report isn't any different. Others are trying to staple gun birtherism to the coattails of the Benghazi conspiracy nuts, the Boston Marathon / Sandy Hook truthers, or any other smear they can.

It's like watching a washed up old whore in a broken down bar still trying to turn tricks and convince people they're still attractive, still fresh, young desirable, even while they go on their arthritic knees for the next cheap john. It would be pathetic, if it wasn't karma in action.

Anyway, in today's dispatches, Dr. Orly demands a military coup, threatens Senators, and repeats claims from wackadoodles with absolutely nothing to back it up, I know, sounds normal for her, but it's actually rather worse than usual. Or at least more overt.

Speaking of washed up old whores, Carl Gallups is still desperately trying to make the Maricopa CCCP seem like they're doing something other than asking for donations. Padawan Paul Guthrie hears back from the latest judge, and the answer I'm sure fueled his vendetta against anyone with two X chromosomes.

And we have a completely unsupported claim in a far right blog regarding a missionary claiming that Kenyans are confirming President Obama's supposed birth there. Mind you, there's (not surprisingly), not a single piece of evidence to support this claim.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 4-6 May 2013

In today's (slightly delayed) dispatches, The Western Center for "Journalism" wants the Secret Service to violate their oaths and turn against the President. Walter Fitzpatrick is still upset over Darren Huff. Carl Gallups continues to slobber all over Mike Zullo. Ed Noonan wants a "second amendment solution" to the fact he keeps losing.

Rudy Davis shows the world that yes, he's a flaming racist piece of crap. One of Dr. Orly's courtroom props wants a "prayer revolt". Is the new NRA president a birther? Dr. Orly plans to refile in Kansas. A proposed gun march in Washington DC strikes me as a less than ideal plan of action.

Bottle redhead Devvy Kidd manages to screw up birther history. Dr. Orly is screaming mad that Larry Klayman, Mike Zullo, and the rest of the World Nut Daily-sponsored crowd are the latest bright shiny objects to get the birthers attention. Meanwhile World Nut Daily recycles from other birther blogs.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 2-3 May 2013

In today's dispatches, we have a university survey that shows the seeds of revolt and conspiracy have found some fertile ground among the GOP. Not surprisingly, the far right and the birthers prove the survey's point.

Fox News Latino asks Dr. Orly questions about Sen. Ted Cruz. Not surprisingly, Dr. Orly gets annoyed that they didn't repeat everything she told them verbatim. Carl Gallups continues to build up his "Any Day Now" sand castle, even though the evidence over the last year is that Zullo and friends are trying to sell steer manure as sirloin steak to the birtherstani.

Dr. Orly continues to call for a revolt. Birther Report continues rehashing old news. Dr. Orly gets annoyed that someone isn't paying attention to her. And convicted felon and forger Lucas Smith has groundbreaking news.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 30 April - 1 May 2013

In today's dispatches, Carl Gallups continues to fluff Zullo's junk and promise the moon. He's also annoyed that debunkers are calling him a liar. (the obvious solution for that would be for him to stop lying, but so it goes.) Dr. Orly's cavity creeps are getting restless. Birther Report releases findings from former PUMA Mara Zebest and "Pixel Patriot" that the long form submitted in Alabama is another supposed forgery. Instead of the obvious, it's a copy of a copy of a copy.

Louise Hodges shows the same firm grasp on reality as a greased pig on an astro-glide covered slip and slide. World Nut Daily tries to spin the Alabama court filing, all without noting their ties to key players. Someone works on a biography of President Obama in Hawaii. Birthers get cranky.

Christa Chantal Allen reappears, in all her racist glory. No puppets this time though, but she doesn't need the puppets to show what utter slime she is. Martha Trowbridge uses the Alabama case to pimp her Malcolm X theory. And Linda Bentley tries to show Zullo she's just as skilled at hand jobs as those Gillar and Gallups strumpets.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 27-29 April 2013

In today's dispatches, Karl Swihart wants to know if his Indiana birther ballot jihad case is back from the dead. Dr. Orly is a grumpy camper. President Obama has fun with the birthers, the birthers have a collective breech-birth cow. Death threats, racism, and calls for revolt. Why yes, it is Birther Report.

Dr. Orly's blog is just as full of death threats and calls for revolt, though Birther Report has the edge on anti-semitism. George Miller throws a temper tantrum over the very notion the scary black man is STILL President. The birtherstani come up with a new twist on the whiney letter.

We have pictures of "RacerJim". Dr. Orly sends out demands to harass, well, anyone she doesn't like. And we have video of the Sacramento Chapter of the Wilfred Brimley fan club.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 25-26 April 2013

In today's dispatches, The Alabama Democratic Party files a Amicus Curiae brief and a whole new conspiracy theory is born! Birther Report reacts to the latest "any day now" from the Zullo/Gallups/Gilliar comedy trio. Dr. Orly gives a press conference in front of the Sacramento chapter of "Wilford Brimley Clones of America", and then charters a bathyscaphe to find a new low to go to.

Projection from the American Stinker, Ed Noonan throws a tantrum. Election fraud in Oregon by a Republican. Paul Vallely and Charles Jones wants to throw a party. A birther boasts about lying. Dr. Orly whines about the type of mail I get normally from birthers and harasses court reporter. Election fraud in Indiana by Democrats. Whiney letters. And wishful thinking from Birther Report.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 23-24 April 2013

In today's dispatches, Boy Defective Mike Zullo and his faithful fluffier Carl Gallups continue to insist that they actually have solid evidence, any day now, sure, you betcha, Corsi Corsi why hast thou forsaken us Corsi. Thomas MacLeran takes a break from being a failed Taitz courtroom prop to go back to his roots - writing complete racist claptrap for the Pest and eFail.

Dr. Orly has a collective shit fit over the dismissal of her Electoral College and goes off in search of new courtroom props. Marco Ciavolino whines that Terry Lakin hasn't gotten the respect he deserves or that Marco Ciavolino and Dean Haskins hasn't gotten the seed money for their cinematic wankfest starting Lakin.

We have a Birther Ballot Jihad in Vermont, while Dr. Orly's much-touted petition shows the world just what kind of lowlifes many birthers are.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 18-22 April 2013

In today's dispatches, most of birtherstan last week was an open sewer with a major load of creepy conspiracy theories about the Boston Marathon bombing. The disgust I feel for these people is amazing right now.

However, we have Viscount Monckton whining over the disrespect he felt people showed towards the passing of Baroness Thatcher. Padawan Paul Guthrie replies to the judges' "Order to Show Cause", and shows to the world that his only real concern is the care and feeding of his schlong.

Jerome Corsi talks to Mark Gillar with some unhappy news for the birthers (and completely unsurprising news for debunkers). Some argument that the birthers may have ended up helping President Obama more than anything else. And Dr. Orly is told "No, case dismissed"
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 13-17 April 2013

In today's dispatches, Linda Joy Adams is rejected by the birthers. Lots of "any day nowise" from the various birtherstani. Professional seditionist Sharon Rondeau allows Carl Gallups to commit acts of verbal diarrhea. Geir Smith professes his undying loyalty to Linda Joy Adams, and to the delusion for which she stands. One fruit-bat, incorrigible, with gibbering inanity for all.

Christopher-Earl:Strunk (™, ®, all rights reserved) has a serious mad at the judge who dismissed his case. Linda Joy Adams is upset at the birthers for not rolling over on their backs and wigging all four limbs in the air over her claims. Tracy Fair tries to appeal her Birther Ballot Jihad case in Maryland.

Dr. Orly dabbles in the whole "Satanic Panic" conspiracy land. With sources even less credible than her usual.

Some idiot bombs the Boston Marathon. My thoughts go out to the victims. My contempt goes out to the cowards responsible. My scorn goes out to the conspiracy idiots.

Dr. Orly gets a few more retired military officers to help her violate the judge's orders. Viscount Monckton shows a level of delusion only matched by his unspeakably thin skin. Dr. Orly goes into Lake Paranoia. The idiots at Birther Report are just waiting for some Great White Hope to come lead them in some un-american coup against the President. And Mark Gillar tries to out-fluff Carl Gallups.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 11-12 April 2013

In today's dispatches, a new disaster piece from convicted forgery and fraud felon Lucas Smith. Dr. Orly demands that the California Bar Association's ethics panel stop shagging unicorns and pay attention to her, all the while whining that other American Jews aren't as bigoted, delusional, or racist as she is.

Meanwhile Dr. Orly speaks out against those crazier than herself. Birther Report harasses school teachers. Some nimrod drops a package off for Joe Arpaio, and the birtherstani scream "CONSPIRACY. And Dr. Orly has an interestingly stupid idea of what "free speech" means.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 9-10 April 2013

In today's dispatches, Yes, I know, I got the date wrong on monday's dispatches. Blogging and cold medicine may not be a good combo.

Anyway, at the Western Center for "Journalism", conspiracy is the theme of the day. Dr. Orly uses the holocaust to sickly pimp her jihad. Nellie Ristvedt comes up with an entire new set of conspiracies, which the birtherstani are desperate enough to eat up with a spoon.

Media Matters points out that a Fox News Obama critic happens to be a birther, and the birthers become unglued. Dr. Orly splashes in Lake Sedition. Linda Joy Adams is upset that Dr. Orly won't believe her.

Padawan Paul Guthrie hears from the judge (hint, it's "denied".) Dr. Orly appears on another show, complete with disturbing photo, while also facing some much-deserved karma. What a surprise, Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups lied. Again. And more whiney letters!!
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 6-8 March 2013

In today dispatches, Sven Magnussen comes up with a new wing bat theory. So does Louise Hodges. John Dummett gets a "no" from the Court of Appeals. George Miller, Brian Reilly, and Dr. Orly are rather skeptical of Carl Gallups Glorious People's Victory.

Polland/Polarik waves his front legs and goes "look at me, look at me, oh won'r PLEASE someone look at me???" Sven Magnussen gets the "huh" treatment from Birther Report and Dr. Orly. I actually agree with Dr. Orly on something.

And last but not least, Dr. Orly causes a mass recall of irony meters.


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