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Dispatches from Birtherstan - for 15 June 2010

A short dispatch today, as we have the usual "patriotic" calls for armed overthrows and military coups, mixed in with updates about Huff and Fitzpatrick. David Weigel thinks the media should ignore Dr. Orly. We have a bad stereotype in video form, while CAAFlog points out the obvious about Lakin. Tim Adams is still getting comments on, and Dr. Orly plans lawsuits against Dunn and a write-in campaign.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - for 12 - 14 June 2010

Moved this weekend, which means that I wasn't able to pay much attention to the goings on in Birtherstan. Also that my body feels like someone massaged it with a sledge hammer.

However, we have more goings on in the Berg v Taitz birther civil war. Some of the PUMAs are taking note of Tim Adams. James Manning's trying to say "you will respect my authority" and is making the same kind of predictions one usually does when freebasing vaporub. We have a video interview with Dr. Orly about the pancake painting that is just chock full of nuts, while Dr. Orly is still sailing down denial in regards to her chances of reversing Dunn's fortunes. Alas for her, the only coming from behind surprise she might get is a sudden reappearance from CEL3. And Media Matters wonders why World Nut Daily seems to have....forgotten or overlooked....Tim Adam's appearance on a white racist radio show.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - for 10 - 11 June 2010

Was busy moving stuff into the new place yesterday (the BIG move takes place this weekend), so I missed a day. But Birtherstan never sleeps, as we have a video from Lyin' Lakin with more of the same. Dr. Orly has gone completely off the rails in trying to explain away her election loss, channeling her inner Bev Harris in the process. She seems to think that getting 25% of the vote is neck and neck. World Nut Daily reports on the Tim Adams story, without mentioning those pesky white nationalist details. Tim Adams himself seems to have quite the past history for racist comments. I have links to the PsyWar paper Major General Vallely co-wrote with Lt. Col. Michael Aquino in the 1980's. And more about Walter Fitzpatrick's buddy Darren Huff.,
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The Men who Stare at Birthers - Birther Update

Over in Birtherstan, we have the TeaBagger / Birther link again. Paraclete and Featherrat are at it again, though they get rather grumpy at the defense in the Chrysler case pointing out their birther ties. Sharon "Crystal Chalice" Meroni goes nowhere in her grand jury attempt, a basketball league of "white Natural-born citizens" gets started, Scott Brown seems to be disavowing ties with a GOP congressional challenger with a birther history. Rep. Deal is trying to backtrack from his own birtherdom ties, Judge Lamberth tells the Fantasy Tiddlywinks League "No", again. A email going around is till pimping Dr. Orly's claim of a 26 January 2010 trial. There's some rustling in the PUMAsphere, we have New Age birthers of the tribe Wannabeanindian, Manning has a small protest, the Poodle-brained one starts showing up on blogs again, Dr. Orly wants to run for Secretary of State for California, and we have a court transcript of the 12 January Birther Civil War skirmish.
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The Touch of Stupid - Birther Update

"...Do a little dance, spin a little spin..." as birtherdom tries to spin the results of Keyes/Barnett v Obama last Monday. Dr. Orly has some new propaganda officers that are using the classic Soviet "Big Lie" technique quite well, Stefan Cook is still trying to get his job back, Dr. Orly doesn't like it when people report the truth, more people are noticing Eric Holder Really Was in Los Angeles back in July, Gary Kreep has a dead ferret glued to his scalp, John Charlton wants that sweet, sweet PUMA tail, the REAL President of the United States has a bone to pick with Obama, and the US attorney's office is getting annoyed with CEL3


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