Feb. 19th, 2011 09:46 pm
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I got an invitation to play in the Golden Gate Bonspiel.

Memorial Day Weekend.

In Fremont, California. Just up the road from BayCon. Which is ALSO that weekend.

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Played for almost three hours. My team won six ends, the other team won one end, we drew for one end.

Mostly fun, but ye gods I was tired.
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Well, tonight's game was an automatic forfeit - I was the only one on my team that could make it. However, we rounded up three subs and curled for fun instead.

Each team got four ends each, points were 7 to 8. Losing by one point when most of your team haven't played together before isn't bad at all.
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"Only the Scots would come up with games as frustrating as Golf and Curling"
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The target is only about two meters wide. A direct hit will start a chain reaction that will hopefully knock the remaining stones out of the house.......


Apr. 2nd, 2010 10:04 pm
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Watching the adult curlers after Mhari's last youth league meet tonight. One team was dressed as characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Playing against a team dressed as bunnies.

So I suggest to Mhari we get some fellow SCA, 501st, or Rebel Legion members interested in curling, and set up a team of our own.

Mhari just looks at me and says "Daddy, you wouldn't *dare* !!!"

She should know me better by now........
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Some of my friends down in Southern California have commented about curling and it looking like fun.


Curl San Diego

Orange County Curling Club (Facebook Page)

Hollywood Curling

SoCal Curling Club

Oh, and....

San Franciso Bay Area Curling Club

Wine Country Curling

One more, not in California

Dallas/Fr. Worth Curling Club


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