Jan. 23rd, 2013

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Dispatches From Birtherstan - 19-23 January 2013

In today's dispatches, my apologizes for the delay. I didn't want to mar Martin Luther King day with the usual gang of seditious idiots.

Anyway,Walter Fitzpatrick releases treason gram v3.0 Carl Swensson blathers on. Geir Smith is his usual charmingly delusional and blood-soaked self. Larry Klayman preaches from the gospel of armed revolt.

Padawan Pauly's lawsuit gets the expected boot from the judge, and gungan gutthrie falls to the dark side of the butthurt. Upset that an Obama-appointed female judge dropped a proton-torpedo right into his legal exhaust port, Pauly proclaims that the courts have yet to see the full insanity of his fully bantha-dodo Constitutional theory.

Charles Kerchner indulges in projection. Dr. Orly has a protest in Washington DC, and gets a grand total of four people. Alan Keyes is nursing a grudge still. Sam Sewell seems to still be dabbling in birtherism. President Obama gets sworn in and Larry Klayman (along with 98% of birtherstan) have a prolonged tantrum. Viscount Brenchley continues to play-act the Monty Python idea of the upper class twit.

Rudy Davis seems to think he's on a mission from God. I suspect his orders are coming from the basement rather than the penthouse. Joseph Farah blows off the prayer breakfast he whined about. And Linda Jordan wants her fellow birthers to help pay the almost $13,000 in sanctions and attorney fees she racked up in her Washington State Birther Ballot Jihad.


Jan. 23rd, 2013 09:13 pm
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Tomorrow's weather forecast for the Seattle metro area is (throws dart at dartboard) with a high of (rolls two d6) with chances of (throws another dart) in the afternoon.


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