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Dispatches from Birtherstan - April-June 2015 update

In today's dispatches.....oh hell. Let's say it out loud shall we?? The birthers have gotten about as boring as watching feces dry on a mental hospital wall. There's almost nothing new at all. The same incoherent idiots are still trying to flog a horse that has long since gone to the glue factory. What you have now are the mentally ill, the stupidly racist, and the dead-enders trying desperately to pretend they didn't waste coming on 8 years of their lives pandering to some fruit bat conspiracy.

Anyway, we have bottle redhead Devvy Kidd showing her usual lack of anything like reality in her writings. I get death threats and incoherent ranting from Park McGraw (which is really pretty normal for him). Philip Berg accepts disbarment as a form of legal retirement and is now pimping his new book, which should be entitled "How I farted away my legal carreer and any remaining credibility on a conspiracy theory"

Charles Kerchner thinks one person oozing up to the birthers is an entire family. Stephen Pidgeon tries to reclaim his salad days as a failed paranoid birther attorney. Everest Wilhelmsen has.....issues. Dr, Orly makes a half-hearted "please take me seriously video, before going off and showing everyone what a hate filled, lying, seditionist, treasonous, waste of humanity she really is. Such is the life of a washed up aging attention whore I guess.

James Manning loves him some Donald Trump. Joe Arpaio takes to World Nut Daily to denote how much he hates dark skinned people, the law, or the facts. John Dummett once against acts like a DumMAY. And "Donna" from the Pest and eFail shows up under a new name at Stormfront Lite, but the insanity is still the same.
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And in today's dispatches, Park McGraw continues his downward slide into sexist, bigoted, death-filled madness. James Manning really, really, really shows signs he's rather far in a particular type of vertical clothes storage unit. More Sandy Hook scum. Dr. Orly and Carl Gallups may have had a tiff.

Professional Seditionist Sharon Rondeau gets cranky over President Obama speaking truth at the National Prayer Breakfast. The Huffington Post notes similarity between the birthers and classic racism. Road Flare Tracy gets annoyed. Robert Laity has some more verbal diarrhea.

Birther weather control as they fall down the conspiracy rabbit hole. Roy Moore gets called out for his Neo-Confederate ties. Alan Jones comes up with a whole conspiracy frittata. The tribble mobility scooter speaks. Terry Lakin is starting to....shall we say "embellish" his past history. Philip Berg is still trying to get his hands on those sweet, sweet birther bucks.

The pornstache tries to scare his readers. President Obama pokes fun at birthers, birthers lose their marbles. Former Sen. Santorum has an encounter with the frothy mixture of birtherism. And Sen. Ted Cruz runs for the position his father anointed him for, and the birthers in what should be his base rebel against him
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - August-October 2014 update



Three months for a passible update?? It's almost like your movement has gone and died, and the only flies over over the rotting carcass is the true believers trying to get some form of attention.

Dr. Orly has joined Philip Berg in the list of former birther attention whore attorneys who have been left in the dust. Her blog is a rambling disjointed morass of attempts to try and propel herself back in the limelight, to get someone to pay attention to her again. The monkeys at Gerbil Report are too busy flinging poo at each other and making up homoerotic fantasies about various debunkers to really care much what is posted. Professional Seditionist Sharon Rondeau is reduced to writing about her jailhouse lover Walter Fitzpatrick. Most of the trolls have gone elsewhere,

About the only part of Birtherstan that still seems to be making some sort of go with it is the current attention whore attorney being Larry Klayman. Boy Defective Mike Zullo is still parroting "any day now" claims with and to his special friend Carl Gallups.

Matter of fact, the only ones still making a go at Birtherism are the ones that all have connections to World Nut Daily, Joseph Farah, and the Western Center for "Journalism". Hmm......It couldn't be that they're trying to milk the last bit of that sweet, sweet money from the birther cashcow, is it??

So what do I have to update with?? Nancy Ruth Owens is a disgusting batshit insane racist. Larry Klayman is a disgusting batshit insane racist attention whore. Walter Fitzpatrick gets three years in prison. Ed Noonan has decided to become his own court system. Some GOP types still make the occasional trip to Birtherstan. Tribble Mobility Scooter Donald Trump and his undead scalp ferret are still trying to get attention. Padawan Pauly exports his crazy to the other side of the pond. More future Secret Service visits. And increasing Birtherstani disappointment with the ones they thought would be their elected Great White Hopes. Not to mention that it looks like the whole Maricopa County CCP thing may have been actual "Pay to Play".
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Dear Lady Plushbottom Glitterfart.

What a surprise to find your latest eBay spell listing and Midsummer newsletter had somehow escaped my spam filter!

When reading it, my initial reaction was that a 90's GeoCities webpage had thrown up. Once I got past the purple text on a baby blue background, I was able to read about your plans for the Grove of the Fluffy Unicorn Bunnies' Midsummer celebration.

Based upon the wording and tone, I'm led to believe the highlight of this event will be the Care Bears calling the quarters and the Teletubbies performing the Great Rite. While I'm sure such things would be spectacular to observe, sadly, time, money, and my blood sugar levels will keep me from attending.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to seeing how future emails get around my spam blocks.

- Patrick
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Toad in the Hole with Rosemary – Vegan and Gluten Free

Serves 2 (can easily be doubled up)

1 Red Onion
4-6 Cherry Tomatoes
4-6 sliced Mushrooms
4 Vegan Sausages (I used Linda McCartney)
Big drizzle Sunflower Oil (do not use olive oil!!)
70g Gluten Free White Self Raising Flour
120ml Dairy Free Milk (I used almond)
2 Eggs worth of Orgran Egg Replacer (follow the directions on the pack)
1/2 tspn Turmeric
1 tblspn Rosemary
Salt and Pepper

Rest of recipe behind cut )
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The time has come…..

"The time has come," the Walrus said,

"To talk of many things:

Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--

Of cabbages--and kings--

And why the sea is boiling hot--

And whether pigs have wings."

- The Walrus and the Carpenter

Alice Through the Looking-Glass, Lewis Carroll

On 2 August 2008, I penned part one of what was to be a three part article on the "Cult of the COLB", a group of people who originally wanted Sen. Barack Obama to show his birth certificate because of a claim his real middle name was "Muhammed".

It went to five parts in the short time I started it, including claims of forgery, foreign birth, supposed experts, and other insanity.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 30 July-2 August 2013

In today's dispatches, Nancy Owens Barger gets annoyed at Mike Zullo. She's going to have to stand in line. Another birther ballot jihad case bites the dust. Cody Judy tries to claim his fellow birtherstani aren't nuts. It fails. George Miller tries to choose between TweeedleDum and TweedleDumber.

Boy Defective Mike Zullo cheats on Carl Gallups with Alex Jones. Meanwhile, suspended police chief Mark Kessler also plays to the bat guano insane part of the listening public. Birther Report shows increasing impatience with Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo.

Lawrence Sellin continues his downward spiral. Rudy Davis isn't even trying anymore. More proof that Wayne Allyn Root is a lying sack of crap. Ted Nugent shows the signs of Bat Crap Fever and goes birther. And Gabe Zolna seems to think people find him important.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 23-29 July 2013

In today's dispatches, more from Nancy Owens Barger. A fun trip to "Birtherville". A look at what a real "Cold Case Posse" does. Thomas Lamb appeals. Meanwhile Dr. Orly sniffs around a classmate.

Padawan Paul Guthrie creates a video cure for insomnia. Prayers for the court to bear false witnesses. Dr. Orly continues to dive into Lake Conspiracy. Walter Fitzpatrick continues to show a lack of connection with reality. Comrade Orly seems to be missing the Rodina. Sibly gets told "no".

Martha Trowbridge joins up with Neal Sankey and Mongomery Sibley, in the birther version of "Dumb, Dumber, and Complete Idiot". Sarah Palin whines about the 2008 election, causing some birthers to go change into their other set of underwear. Larry Klayman shows once again what a racist douchebag looks like.

Charles Kerchner whines some more. Dr. Orly goes OCD and gets upset because the money and attention she thinks is her rightful due is going elsewhere. And the birthers get debunked by a fellow birther.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 16-22 July 2013

In today's dispatches, Birtherstan has gotten quite dull of late. Birther Report pimps an "impeachment" letter that turns out to be as fake as anything else the birthers hold to. More grumpy judges. Carl Gallups swings between reaching for anything he can and promising "any day now". Meanwhile, he's caught acting like a complete and total coward.

I give up on Dr. Kate. Reed Hayes may be the latest Birtherstan Great White Hope. We check in on Lawrence Sellin. And Rudy Davis is sinking lower and lower into the swamp of racism.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 9-15 July 2013

In today's dispatches, birtherstan is continuing it's slide to dreary conspiracy mongering. We have a reporter preaching about Boy Defective Mike Zullo's claims, without noting her own ties to that birther clique. Some in the Nevada GOP play kissyface with Wayne Allyn Root, while a debunker documents the evolution of Root's claims.

Philip Berg tries to tell the birthers "Look at me! I'm important! I still matter!" The birthers aren't buying it. While Dr. Orly tries desperately to tell them all "Don't look at Zullo, look at ME ME ME ME ME ME MEEEEEEEEE!"
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Ah, spam messages....

"Good day my dear friend
I believe that new beginning will fill the empty place in my soul with the fresh air and scent of trees in bloom."

Have you tried Pine Sol???

"We will become the one when my honey comes to me…"

If that's all it takes, I'm sure there's a spare bottle of SueBee around here somewhere.

"Without my beloved man I'm nothing, he will become a whole world for me. "

You might want to define which world. You don't want to get some winner of the baked bean and chili cookoff, and discover you're with a gas giant.

"I will love the way he wraps his arms around me and holds me really tight,"

You mean like a straightjacket??

"I will enjoy a feeling when his lips will barely touch mine for a kiss, the love and emotions that go through me at that moment will be unexplainable."

I'm sure there's a few used Harlequin romance novels you can crib off of to explain it.

"I will love him with everything so deep inside."

Two words come to mind. "Vienna Sausage"
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 2-8 July 2013

In today's dispatches, it's pretty much the continued disintegration of Birtherstan, but now with added treason berries!! See, the Egyptian military removed the elected civilian head of government in that country. And birther after birther thinks that this is just a jim dandy fine and wonderful idea for this country. To heck with such quant notions like "democracy", and "rule of law" and "The U.S. Constituion", let's just stage a military coup of our very own!! Have the military ignore their oaths to the Constitution and just get read of that scary black commander in chief!!

I don't know what country the birthers live in, but it's certainly NOT the United States.

Besides George Miller, Larry Klayman, and Chris Farrell trying to get the US military to overthrow the US Constitution, we also have a birther frittata. Maricopa CCCP revisionism. Kreep's organization dives into conspiracy central, one of the sickest and most disgusting of all birthers is heard from, and Carl Gallups is giving us the latest dose that powerful birther drug "Anidaynao"
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 27 June - 1 July 2013

In today's dispatches, the judge dealing with Dr. Orly and Philip Berg acts like he would like to spank both of them and send them to their rooms without supper. Supposed French Foreign Legion deserter Chris Farrell seems to have hooked up with Carl Gallups for advanced ass-kissing training. George Miller seems to have no problem with open racism.

Carl Gallups talks. And occasionally allows Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo to interject, all the while slipping them the metaphorical tongue. Meanwhile the open anti-semitic racists at Birther Report get increasingly cranky at the Arpaio/Zullo/Gallups dog and pony show. One of whom seems a bit familiar. Chris Farrell babbles at a Congresscritter.

Dr. Orly plays kissyface with Former Ambassador John Bolton and his lip parasite, and gropes Rep. Darrell Issa to boot. Brian Reilly shacks up with Team Orly, as does Mark Kessler. Some evidence that shows the de Vattelists still don't know what they're talking about. And former Rep. Allen West may be playing footsie with the birthers, some of whom are having none of it.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 22-26 June 2013

In today's dispatches, my apologizes for the delay, but I was taking some much-needed time off.

Anyway, we have Dr. Orly appearing on a conspiracy show. George Miller screaming "death to all non-birther infidels!", (oh, and a plea to Dr. Orly and Mike Zullo to please play nice.) Meanwhile, Dr. Orly gets more paranoid. It looks like her "whistleblower" was more "hello, you're a gullible fool Dr. Orly Taitz". Chris Farrell calls for the Maricopa CCCP to please use the Magic Reset Button.

Dr. Orly shows she's good at getting things wrong, oh and allowing calls for violence on her blog. Tribble mobility scooter Donald Trump is still birthing. It's two, two attention whores in one, as Mark Kessler plays kissy face with Dr. Orly. Much to the annoyance of the people at Birther Report. Meanwhile Carl Gallups decides he'll be in his bunk when Richard Mack goes birther on Alex Jones' radio show.

Christa Chantal Allen discovers there are people who think she's a delusional racist waste of skin. And Dr. Orly gets a court letter wrong. Again.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 18-21 June 2013

In today's dispatches, we have flailing around desperately trying to find something to use. The Western Center for "Journalism" mashes a non-birther story with a birther video. A tasteless "hello, we're the Secret Service and we'd like to talk to you" video. Which reminds me, Robert Laity whines that the Secret Service didn't much care for his continued calls for President Obama's execution after an illegal military trial.

Imagine that.

Carl Gallups thinks VERY highly of himself. Continued fallout from Rep. Jeff Duncan's trip to Birtherstan, while one of Dr. Orly's courtroom props quits the New Hampshire state house. President Obama gives a speech in Germany, and certain of the birtherstani get their collective panties in a knot.

Some new conspiracy theories from the Tea Party, courtesy of their collective asses. Which may be the same place Dr. Orly's newest theory comes from. James Manning does a full-on screech that ranks a solid 4.7 on the taitz scale. Whereas Rudy Davis tries to redefine racists calling for the execution of the President and violent anti-Constitutional overthrow of the government as "real Americans".

The State of Pennsylvania shows that, unlike the State of California, they have a working working attorney discipline system, to the determent of the grandfather of the birther movement.

And Dr. Kate manages to insure no Native American tribe will ever hire her again.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 15-17 June 2013

In today's dispatches….

Oh hell. It's the continued meltdown of birtherstan, with the big news being the state of all-out warfare between Carl Gallups (and his partisans) and Dr. Orly Taitz (and her partisans).

This is actually funny. In the last five years, we've seen various people being the current top turd on the Birther Bandini Mountain. Philip Berg, Andy Martin, the Fantasy Tiddlywinks League, etc. Though all of this, we've seen Dr. Orly become the Nitrous Queen, ruler of all birtherstan. And her craving, her need for attention has caused her to ride rough-shod all over the other birthers.

Now karma seems to be finally in play, since it's looking more and more like she's losing the power, the awe, the attention that she's seen as her rightful due from the birthers. And without that, her current trend of squawking whatever far-right crank claim or conspiracy theory out there simply marks her as simply another wing nut in a sea of crazy.

We also have Larry Klayman trying to get people to pay attention to him. Sharon Rondeau whining that her fellow loons are swiping her poorly-written articles. George Miller shows some racism. We have another Republican playing flirty games with the birthers. And Dr. Orly has no problems with her followers posting racist diatribes and death threats all over her blog.
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Dispatches from Birtherstan - 11-14 June 2013

In today's dispatches, Mark Kessler continues to be completely insane and sedition-minded. US/Israeli dual citizen Dr. Orly Taitz has no problem getting media attention from rabid anti-semites. Continued birther infighting between the WND/Arpaio/Zullo crowd and Dr. Orly and friends. Meanwhile Mike Zullo tries to see how daffy he can get on the air.

Viscount Monckton whores himself out for Mike Zullo. Meanwhile the former sheriff that ran that little shindig that Zullo appeared at comes out of the birther closet. Dr. Orly and friends get into making death threats against their enemies. Meanwhile she writes an "appeal" that's pretty much "Wahhh, the court was MEAN to memememeMEEEEE!!!!!!!!"

Carl Gallups shows a kindergarden-level maturity level. And I make a visit to Dr. Kate's blog. And it certainly seems like the waters of her little sewage pond have been stirred up by a Stormfront……..


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